Tuesday April 21, 2015   
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2011 Volunteers


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We would like to extend a special thank you to all the volunteers that make our annual event, Sounding Off For a Cure, a huge success:



Lana Axelrod
Sarah Bernstein
Lauren Borelli
Eden Burkhardt
Barbara Callao
Brian Cameron
Benjamin Chen
Shelly Chen
Andrea & Tim Clouser
Jamie Clouser
Shelly Darden
Raina Dieterle
Kelly Dorfman
Bonnie Durgin
Meghan Fay
Tara Feehan
Jillian Goorevitch
Lily Gutnik
Alex Henderson
Jessica Henderson-Chen**
(video below)
Nicole Hunter
Lauren Itzkovitz
Esther Jacabo
Brian Jacoby
Jessica Klinghoffer
Amy Leiken
Tracy Leiken
Julie Leventhal

Valerie Leventhal
Dana Lichtenstein
Deborah Lichtenstein
Kevin P. Kretz
Chris Mirablile
Dorsey Montenecourt
Alyson Nash
Kathryn & Michael Perlman
Adelina Rodriguez
Corrine Swineford
Sha Sykes
Liz Szaluta
Elizabeth Szczerba
Jackie Weinstein
Mia Ziering


Committee Member Jessica Henderson-Chen discusses living with a brain tumor





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