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2010 Courage Award Recipients

What can a voice do? It can soothe, enrage, laugh and heal. It can end wars with its meditative silence or it can be so loud that it can make the earth shake. We plan on using our voices at VABC to ultimately find a cure for brain cancer. How do you want to use your voice? If you would like to post a story or a letter about your own experience with brain cancer, please click here.

Past Recipients: 2011 – 2010 - 2009 – 2008 – 2007

Todd Allan “We all have a new norm.”– Todd AllanBrain cancer survivor2010 Courage Award Recipient
Henry Arnberg “Getting old ain’t for sissies.”– Henry ArnbergBrain cancer survivor2010 Courage Award Recipient
Robert Bernstein “Some would say that cancer changed their perspective on life and the way they go about it. In our case it has only reinforced the lessons taught by our father Dr. Robert Bernstein. He continues to live his life with perfect balance, never sweating the small stuff and enjoying the precious times spent with family and friends.”– Robert BernsteinPassed away from brain cancer in 20102010 Courage Award RecipientHusband to VABC Board Member Roslyn Bernstein
Rochelle Guttman “The ethos of The Non-Malignant Brain Tumor Support Group which I have internalized isthat we can triumph over medical and emotional problems.”– Rochelle GuttmanBrain cancer survivor2010 Courage Award Recipient
Jon B. Kushner “Sometimes when I tell someone what I had to face they might ask me if I had the urge to go skydiving naked or travel the globe. I just tell them, ‘No I just want to live!’ A bucket list is something they make in the movies. In real life you just count your blessings and press on. That’s all anybody can do. Oh, and yoga really really helped me quiet down the ‘noise’ that is fear.”– Jon B. KushnerBrain cancer survivor2010 Courage Award Recipient
Susan Lemkuil “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt– Susan LemkuilBrain cancer survivor2010 Courage Award Recipient
Patricia Munjack “To quote from my brother-in-law Richard, ‘We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time.’ So seek out the things you love and treasure them every day.”– Patricia MunjackBrain cancer survivor2010 Courage Award Recipient


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