Tuesday April 21, 2015   
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Paul Seidler

Paul is a market research analyst at C & R Research, a custom market research company in Chicago. Paul’s connection to VABC forms a straight line back to his dear friend, Gary Lichtenstein, a 2001 victim of brain cancer. Like Gary, Paul graduated from the University of Michigan, which is where his friendship with Gary began. They were fraternity brothers and close friends in Ann Arbor and continued the friendship after graduation.

At the time of Gary’s diagnosis of brain cancer, Paul and Gary were roommates in Chicago. Paul followed the path of Gary’s illness, visiting him in the hospital and at home in New York, and ultimately, like Gary’s family and many other friends, had to face the inevitable conclusion that there was no cure for Gray’s glioblastoma. Following Gary’s death, motivated by the need to find a cure for brain cancer, Paul joined the initiative to form VABC and has been a Board Member since its inception.

From left: Gary Lichtenstein, Adam Flam, Paul Seidler and Stephen Horwitz


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