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Help: How to accept it & how to ask for it


As a caregiver, you are familiar with the roller-coaster of feelings and emotions that come with the diagnosis of a brain tumor. It is overwhelming. After experiencing what I call an “emotional hangover” I have learned that asking for help can take a lot of stress and anxiety off my shoulders. We all have the capacity to change our habits and routines so that we can be strong and healthy in our body, mind and soul. One way to empower yourself as a caregiver is to learn how to accept and ask for help. Friends and family members want to help. If someone offers to mow your lawn, gratefully accept and I will tell you why. We all have thing we are good at and other things we are not so great at. Using the example of mowing the lawn, your next door neighbor may want to help and sees that your lawn is overgrown, but he may feel less than confident in approaching you to talk about everything that is going on, so he does what he knows he can; he mows your lawn. These small acts of kindness build a sense of community and support; which empowers us as individuals so that we can tackle whatever hurdles life throws in our path.

~Jessie Chism

Director of Family Initiatives

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  1. Eulalia 2 months ago December 16, 2016

    One of the better shots I’ve seen lately


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