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Brain tumor can’t stop Hershey sophomore By Geoff Morrow The Patriot News October 26, 2008

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It started with a headache last December. Within days, a tumor was discovered in the brain of then 14-year-old Michael Taylor. And first diagnosis wasn’t good for the Hershey High School athlete. Doctors told his parents, Billy and Michele, that Michael could last anywhere from four to 18 months. For a family that already lost a daughter to a car accident in 1989, this news was downright devastating.

But the diagnosis changed for the better when doctors discovered the tumor wasn’t aggressive, as originally thought, and that Taylor could live a long, healthy life. So after seven weeks of radiation to treat the inoperable tumor, Taylor returned to sports. First basketball. Then baseball. Then football, where he earned a starting spot at guard on the Hershey Trojans football team.

Throughout the entire process, Taylor remained positive, and it was his strength that helped Billy, Michelle and the rest of the family rally through. While a few nagging football-related injuries have forced Michael to miss Hershey’s two most recent football games, it’s a lot better than the alternative.


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