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Collaborate With Expert Brain Tumor Physicians Methodist University Hospital Presents Virtual Brain Tumor Board Webcast Series: November 5, 2008 7:00 AM CST International Business Times October 22, 2008

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Methodist University Hospital, home to one ofthe busiest neuroscience institutes in the country, made an innovativebreakthrough in medicine by launching a Virtual Brain Tumor Board Webcastseries, the first program of its kind. Virtual Brain Tumor Board (VBTB)expands on the universal tumor board concept by providing an onlineplatform where a multi-disciplinary team of experts includingneurosurgeons, pathologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists,and neuro interventional radiologists reviews challenging clinical casesand collaborates together to create the best treatment plan for eachpatient.

This innovative, educational forum is designed to provide real-timecollaboration and on-demand access to some of the most leading-edgetreatments in brain tumor care. Physicians may also:

– Submit challenging cases in advance for live review

– Get a fast-paced case evaluation in real-time, with each eventarchived for later viewing

– Earn CME credits

– Email questions to be answered during live events

Webcasting the tumor board to physicians across the country and around theworld opens dialogue to improve cancer care by providing physicians theopportunity to get expert opinions from top-tier, highly respectedneuro-oncology leaders.

“Our goal is to give physicians in other geographic areas the chance toreceive the expertise and experience from our physicians here regardingbrain tumor treatment and care for their patients,” said Allen K. Sills,M.D., neurosurgeon and moderator of VBTB. To date, VBTB Webcasts have beenvery successful in providing an interactive, collaborative platform toviewers across the globe. We’ve seen participation from over 800 registeredparticipants from more than 80 countries and nearly every state in the USA.Methodist University Hospital’s multi-disciplinary team of experts hasreviewed cases for patients outside of the country in Australia, India, andJapan. Physicians across the globe are invited to submit cases for livereview.

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