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Apply for a Grant

Voices Against Brain Cancer Grants Application Procedure

  • Submit a letter of intent (LOI) during the open grant application period.
  • Use the form below to submit the Letter Of Intent. We can only accept a single .pdf  file only. (If you need help converting your document to pdf, contact us)
  • VABC will decide which projects to invite to submit a full application. We will notify all applicants of the decision. You will then have 1 month to submit a full application.
  • Final grant decision will be made.
  • For this round, we will focus on 1 year projects in the range of $5,000 to $100,000. We are interested in research on any type of brain tumor, adult or pediatric.

Letter Of Intent

This is a brief summary of your project.  There is a limit of 2 pages. If we are interested in your project, we will invite you to submit a full application where you have more space to explain your project.

DO NOT tell us how bad brain tumors are. We know. Just tell us about your project.



  • Start with your name, address, Institution Affiliation if any, phone and email.
  • Title of Project
  • Amount Requested. You can estimate at this point. We will allow you to change it on the full application by +/- 20%
  • Explain the purpose of the project. How will it move us towards the cure or make the lives of brain tumor patients better? Briefly describe similar projects and how this differs from them.
  • Does the project involve humans or  lab animals? If so, how many of each?


email info@voicesagainstbraincancer.org

Or complete letter of intent here.