Tuesday April 28, 2015   
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Roslyn Bernstein

I have always considered myself one of the lucky ones. I live in Long Island with my husband, Rob, of 33 years who I adore. My family is everything to me, my husband and I have three fabulous kids, a great daughter in law, and we are very proud to recently add grandparents to our title. For 15 years I worked for my husband in his very busy OB/GYN practice as the office manager. I handled many business issues ranging from insurance questions, scheduling patients, and billing. I was very hands on with the patients, doing all I could to help them. When Rob and I were not working we loved to be outdoors and travel. We loved bike riding, running, swimming, and hiking. We loved being active.

In January 2009 Rob was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. All of a sudden my life took a major turn. When I was introduced to Voices and met the amazing people part of this organization the feeling was remarkable. My family and I immediately felt the connection and knew we would become a part of their family, they welcomed us with open arms. It started to give me the strength I needed to fight the bigger picture. Becoming a board member of VABC has given me the opportunity to spread the word about this horrible disease and continue to participate in different ways to raise money to one day find a cure.

Rob and Roslyn Bernstein


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