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2011 ING New York City Marathon

We are pleased to have participated as a Charity Partner in the 2011 ING New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 6, 2011. Funds raised by participants support VABC’s mission to find a cure for brain cancer by advancing scientific research, increasing awareness within the medical community and supporting patients and families afflicted with this devastating disease.

We would like to thank the amazing people who ran for VABC’s team.

Stephen Fox (New York, NY)

Stephen’s close childhood friend, Michael Shapiro, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2010. Michael and his wife, along with their extended family, were honored at VABC’s 6th annual Benefit Concert in June 2011, Sounding Off For A Cure, with the 2011 Vision of Hope Award in recognition of their personal battle with brain cancer.

Mariah Gianakouros (New Jersey)

Mariah is running in honor of Cathy, a friend of her family’s who lost her battle with brain cancer in April, 2011, less than four months after her original diagnosis. Running with two of her close friends, Mariah decided to join the VABC team when she learned about the immediate need for advancement in treatment options and palliative care for brain cancer and brain tumors.

Daniel Karstofsky (New York, NY)

This November, Daniel will be running his first marathon in memory of his father, Daniel Karstofsky Sr. Earlier this year, Daniel Sr. passed away after a long, hard battle with brain cancer. Only months before his diagnosis, Daniel Sr. was winning squash and racquetball games against guys 20 years younger than him and going on long bike rides with his wife. During his father’s treatment, Daniel was amazed to learn about the advancements, innovations and clinical trials offering hope for a cure in the foreseeable future, and as a result, he sees the necessity and the impact that donations towards cancer foundations like VABC have on continued research and progress.

Kaswar Kahn (New York, NY)

Kaswar, a U.S. Air Force Veteran and current full-time graduate student, is excited to be running in his first marathon in honor of the many people in his life who have been affected by brain cancer, including his father who passed away in 2008.

Kerri and Alex Mason (Colorado)

Alex and Kerri, a couple from Boulder, Colorado, are running the marathon in honor of friends, family members and patients affected by brain cancer. Alex, a Neurologist, and Kerri, an Emergency Room doctor, both in Boulder, are committed to this cause and honored to be members of the VABC team.

Raymond Stankey (New York, NY)

Ray is proud to be a member of the VABC ‘s team and honor a family member who lost his battle with brain cancer.

Mark Steidler (Virginia)

Mark is getting ready to run his sixth marathon! Through his line of work he has had the privilege of “meeting” many foundations that provide outstanding service to our communities, and recognizes that VABC is above and beyond one of the best at what they do. Having relatives that have been touched by the cause, he is honored to join the team (less than a week after competing in the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC!)

Karen Stephens (New York, NY)

At sixty years old, Karen is excited about competing with the rest of the VABC team in this year’s NYC Marathon! Throughout her life, Karen has had connections with brain cancer and brain tumors – her father passed away from an inoperable brain tumor in 1966, her father-in-law lost his battle within six months of his diagnosis, and over the past two years, she lost her sister-in-law to brain cancer and watches her brother-in-law, a former marathoner and two-time participant in the NYC Marathon, fight brain cancer valiantly every day to prolong his life. Karen decided to join the VABC team in an effort to advance research to find more effective methods of early detection, develop more specific treatments for the myriad of types of brain cancer and find additional resources to assist the family and their families and caregivers.

Also a huge thank you to all the donors, family members, supporters, and everyone who made the event and fundraising such a huge success!


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