Tuesday April 21, 2015   
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Whole Genome Sequencing of Pediatric Gangliogiomas 

Adam Resnick, Ph.D; Assistant Professor – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Children’s brain tumors represent a diverse group of diseases that do not attract attention from the pharmaceutical industry because of the limited populations involved. The diag-nosis of a brain tumor causes a disproportional impact on children and their families. Treatment, which includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, results in dev-astating side effects on the growing brain. The development of new forms of pharmaco-logical therapy that are more effective and selectively targeted to specific tumor subtypes are critically important if we are to reduce treatment-related toxicities and improve surviv-al rates. To achieve these goals, it is essential to develop a comprehensive understand-ing of the molecular events that regulate childhood brain tumor development, growth, and metastasis. The single greatest hurdle the field must overcome is the lack of available research specimens and associated data that are specific for children’s brain tumors. To address this need, we have established a collaborative consortium dedicated to the col-lection, annotation and molecular analysis of children’s brain tumors. Though the Child-hood Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium biorepository encompasses all brain tumor types, we are now seeking support from Voices Against Brain Cancer to specifically advance the genetic and molecular characterization of pediatric gangliogliomas through whole ge-nome sequencing of a cohort of tumors and matched constitutional DNA.


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