Sunday April 19, 2015   
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Convection-Enhanced Delivery of Ultrasmall Nanoparticles loaded with Novel Drugs for Glioblastoma

Jiangbing Zhou at the Yale University

Current therapy for malignant gliomas is insufficient with a nearly universal recurrence. This might be due to two reasons. First, conventional drug delivery approaches cannot effectively deliver drugs to the brain, because of the blood-brain barrier. Secondly, current therapy might “target wrong targets”. A small fraction of gliomas, brain cancer stem cells (BCSCs), have been recently suggested to be the root of glioma development. Unfortunately, most current chemotherapy drugs are not able to effectively eliminate them. Recently, exciting progresses has been made, which might be able to sufficiently address both of these main reasons for recurrence: a novel nanotechnology-based system has been developed for efficient drug delivery to the brain and a drug screening strategy has been developed, through which several promising drugs targeting BCSCs have been successfully identified. In this proposal, Zhou’s team will combine these advances to establish immediately translatable approaches for treating brain cancer. Specifically, they will optimize the delivery system and identify novel drugs targeting BCSCs through the approach developed. Finally, they will evaluate therapeutic effects of nanoparticles loaded with identified drugs in rat glioma xenograft models. The success of this project may lead to a significant improved treatment of malignant gliomas.


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