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VABC Grants

Cutting-Edge Research Programs Only Possible with Your Support

These innovative research projects will have a monumental impact in regard to the treatment and diagnosis of brain cancer. Your donation helps scientists and doctors study various approaches that can one day eradicate brain cancer.

Personalized Epigenetic Therapy For Treating Glioblastoma
Led by Jialiang Wang, PhD at Vanderbilt University

Netrin-1: Novel Non-Invasive Biomarker and Therapeutic Target For Pediatric Brain Tumors
Led by Edward Smith, MD at Boston Children’s Hospital

Eradicating Brain Cancer replica tag heuer carrera automatic black dial mens watch war211a ba0782 for sale Through Application of Cell-Penetrating Peptides Carrying Anti-Cancer Cargo
Led by James M. Angelastro at the University of California, Davis

Clinical Development of Type II EGFR Kinase Inhibitors for Glioblastoma
Led by Ingo K. Mellinghoff, MD at Memorial Sloaon-Kettering Cancer Center

Development of Glioblastoma Cancer Stem Cell Inhibitor
Led by Santosh Kesari, MD/PhD at the University of California, San Diego

Clinical development of a type II EGFR kinase inhibitor for glioblastomas
Led by Ingo K Mellinghoff, MD at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer

Multifunctional EGFR Targeting Nanovehicles for the Treatment of Brain Tumors
Led by Rolf Barth, MD at Ohio State University

Vaccination Against A Novel Survivan Epitope in Patients with Low Grade Glioma
Led by Hideho Okada, MD, PhD at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

Interleaved Carbon Ion Minibeams to Treat Dogs with Spontaneous Malignant Glioma
Led by F. Avraham Dilmanian, Ph.D. at Brookhaven National Lab

Characterizing the response of stem and progenitor like glioma cells to the chemoterhapeutic agent temozolomide
Led by Lindy Barrett, PhD at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer

Phase I Clinical Trial of the IGF-1R Inhibitor, AXL1717, for Treatment of Recurrent Malignant Astrocytomas
Led by Robert Aiken, MD at Rush University Medical Center

Whole Genome Sequencing of Pediatric Gangliogiomas
Led by Adam Resnick, Ph.D; Assistant Professor – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Dissecting the role of cdk4 and cyclin D1 in glioma – therapeutic implications
Led by Andrew Koff at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer

Role of regulatory factor X1 in human gbm
Led by Zhiyi Zuo at University of Virginia

A radiation activated prodrug nanoparticle platform for brain cancer therapy
Led by Milan Theodore Makale at University of California, San Diego

Avoiding unnecessary toxicity and improving survival of children with low grade gliomas
Led by Simone zf rolex day date mens rolex calibre 2836 2813 118206 12mm 2 Treiger Sredni, MD PhD at Ann & Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital

Tackling resistance to Bevacizumab therapy in GBMs
Led by Gabriele Bergers at University of California, San Francisco

Preclinical evaluation of a Novel ERBB inhibitor optimized for CNS Biodistribution
Led by C. David James at University of California, San Francisco

Characterization of hnRNP A2/B1 as a new oncogen in glioblastoma and its inhibition as a new therapy
Led by Rotem Karni at Hadassah Medical School

Reprogramming iPSC Into Stem Cells, a possible turning point for cancer therapy
Led by Inan Olmez at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Develop a tumor-suppressive, extracellular, protein (TSEP) to treat GBM
Led by Yi-Hong Zhou, PhD at The Regents of the University of California

Inhibitors of the PLD2-AKT signaling complex reveal a metabolic vulnerability in glioblastomas
Led by H Alex Brown at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Proteasomal control of glioblastoma cancer stem cell function
Led by Albert Kim, MD PhD at Washington University School of Medicine

Intraarterial delivery to the glioma stem cell niche
Led by John Boockvar, MD at Cornell University

Role of miRNA-451 in the hypoxia-induced pro-angiogenic response of glioblastoma
Led by David Zagzag, MD, PhD at New York University

Exosome therapy for brain tumors
Led by Xandra Breakefield, PhD at Harvard University

Toxicity Profiling: Creating Novel Paradigms to Personalize Cancer Treatment
Led by Michael Scheurer at Baylor College of Medicine

Investigating cellular microparticles as biomarkers for glioblastoma growth and treatment
Led by Glenn Lesser, MD at Wake Forest School of Medicine

Actively Personalized vaccines for newly diagnosed gbm patients
Led by Hideho Okada, MD, PhD at University Of Pittsburgh

Identification and molecular analysis of circulating brain tumor cells
Led by Brian Vala Nahed at Massachusetts General Hospital

Pre-clinical testing of bacteriolytic therapy for gbm
Led by Gregory J. Riggins, MD, PhD at Johns Hopkins University

Understanding the Multifaceted Role of the TNF-Alpha in Brain Tumors
Led by Ilan Volovitz at the The Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center


Interrogation of the Glioblastoma Exome to Overcome Therapy Resistance
Led by Claudia Petritch, PhD at University of California, San Francisco

Comprehensive Characterization of the Anaplastic Meningioma Genome
Led by Rameen Beroukhim, M.D., Ph.D. at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Evaluating the Impact of Microenvironmental Elasticity on the Stem Cell Phenotype in Malignant Glioma
Led by Justin D. Lathia, Ph.D. at the Cleveland Clinic

Convection-Enhanced Delivery of Ultrasmall nanoparticles loaded with Novel Drugs for Glioblastoma
Led by Jiangbing Zhou at the Yale University

Carboplatin Phase I Clinical Trials
Led by J. Bradley Elder, MD at the Department of Neurological Surgery at the Ohio State University Medical Center

Microglia in Glioblastoma Invasion
Led by Marc Symons, PhD at the Center for Oncology and Cell Biology at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Personalized GBM Therapy using Notch and Akt Inhibition
Led by Xing Fan, MD PhD at the Department of Neurology at Regents of the University of Michigan

Genetic Marker Clinical Trials
Led by Tracy Batchelor, MD, MPH at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Stem Cell Neuro-Regeneration
Led by Henry Friedman, MD at Duke University Medical Center

T-Cell Immunotherapy
Led by Laura Johnson, PhD at Duke University Medical Center

Glioma Cell Migration and Invasion
Led by Steven Rosenfeld, MD, PhD at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center

Nanoparticle-Based Therapy
Led by Joseph Piepmeier, MD at Yale School of Medicine

Drug Clinical Trials
Led by Andrew B. Lassman, MD at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Chemotherapy Coils
Led by Susan C. Pannullo, MD at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center

Young Investigators
Led by Dr. Jeffrey Raizer and Dr. Marcus Bredel at Northwestern University

Clinical Trials
Led by Steven S. Rosenfeld, MD, PhD at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University’s Brain Tumor Center

For Researchers

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