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Past Faces Behind the Foundation

The “Face Behind the Foundation” or “Volunteer in the Spotlight” is an individual who goes above and beyond their duties as a volunteer and exemplifies the qualities that VABC is looking for.  Please read below for some inspiring stories of why people get involved with VABC:


Winter 2009
Michael Burkhardt, Board Member
“The best part of working with VABC has been seeing how everybody supports each other when times are tough. To me, VABC feels like a safety net. God forbid one of my MRI’s brings bad news; I know I can count on VABC to embrace me and help me take care of things.”

Summer 2008
Robert Cannata, Board Member
“My favorite memory of working with VABC has to be the first meeting of the Support Group for Caregivers and Family Members of Brain Tumor Patients. I helped create and promote this group, and it blew me away to see the culmination of months of hard work. It was an amazing feeling to actually see the difference that I was making in the lives of other people.”

Fall 2007
Paige Norton, Board Member
“Participation in VABC is a way to for me to help keep my fiance Pete’s memory alive while helping reduce the number of people who will have to experience what we and the rest of his loved ones went through.”

Spring 2007
Brian Jacoby, Committee Member
“I cannot think of a better cause than the mission of VABC. Gary was more than just a great friend to me, he was a mentor and a confidant. Being involved in a great cause is important, but being involved in a great cause in Gary’s memory is paramount to me.”


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