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National Gray Day

May 9: National Gray Day Announcement

The month of May brings with it a lot of pain, hope and inspiration, as we acknowledge National Brain Cancer Awareness Month. We remember the ones we lost, celebrate the ones who survived, and inspire the ones who fight this dark, hidden, and under-publicized grim ripper.

This year, Voices Against Brain Cancer™ is inviting you to Join The Voices™, raise awareness and make some noise, by announcing May 9th as National Gray Day™.

What is National Gray Day™?

The vision is that on this day, we will host events throughout the country, hopefully the world, that will shake the ground and bring the Voices of Brain Cancer to the front. We need your help and support in doing so.

Louisiana is where we start this journey.

Meet Mona Leingang (a VABC Ambassador/Voice)

As many in the community, Mona has lost a loved one to brain cancer. Her dear husband of over 33 years lost his battle and left behind her and their children. In his memory, Mona decided to keep his fight alive, and recruited Louisiana, their home, to join the fight. Mona has brought to life the idea of Gray Day and announced it to be on May 9th, Gary’s birthday.

In Gary Leingang memory, and the memory of Gary Lichtenstein (son of VABC founder who lost his battle at the age of 24) we announce National Gray Day™.

Last year Louisiana has announced May 9th as the official Louisiana Gray Day and as its House Concurrent Resolution 38.

Mona helped put it on the state calendar for good.

Mona represents each and every one of us. Mona is one of the Voices Against Brain Cancer – and so are you!

Join The Voices™, Raise Your Voice™ and make some noise:

  • Become a VABC Ambassador/Voice
  • Recruit influencers and notables in your city/town to support the fight
  • Coordinate and host events in your town
  • Share the day with your community
  • Change your profile pic to grey ribbon
  • Wear grey, and encourage others to do the same