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Children of VABC

VABC has been dedicated to finding the cure for brain cancer through research grants funding, while inspiring the ones who fight and the ones who lost loved ones to the disease. Throughout our years of operation, we have come to realize that when it comes to children, brain cancer is a different science. Pediatric brain cancer, its diagnosis, treatment and the experience children have with brain cancer is very different than the one adults or young adults have with the disease. Therefore, we have decided to establish:

“The Children Of VABC”

– A community dedicated to the children who fights, the children we lost the battle and the children who were left behind and lost a loved one. As part of this community we are looking to offer an experience that will inspire and enhance the awareness for pediatric brain cancer.
As parents, the awareness for risk and potential of having brain cancer is low to non-existent. We want to bring it to the front and provide the resources, data and information parents need to empower them with the knowledge to combat the disease, learn more about it, and essentially – protect their dear ones.

As part of this effort, VABC is developing a resource center for parents where they can find articles, research papers, data, information, statistics and infographics regarding detecting brain cancer, steps in treatments, doctors and physicians in their area that are associated with our organization and general knowledge about the disease for public awareness.

For the children who fight the disease, we are committed to being there for them every step of the way, from trying to connect them with leading medical experts that can potentially turn their fight into a win, to lifting up their spirits through literature, entertainment and by providing them with their wishes and what their heart most desires.

As part of this effort, we would like to offer open access to our pediatric medical advisory board members in a forum that will be monitored and managed by VABC, but will allow connecting parents and children who are battling with the disease to connect to doctors in their area.

We will also offer children books produced by VABC writers and ambassadors, poetry and stories shared and written by children, videos and the opportunity to connect children to their admired celebrities, public figures, superheroes or inspiring personal.

For children who lost a family member or a loved one to brain cancer, we will provide the emotional support and tools they need in order to cope with the loss and strengthen their spirit through children books, stories we share, memorial services and events we will host and support and through access to family consultants in our community.

Please join us in the fight against brain cancer and the efforts to bring awareness of brain cancer to the next level, starting with our children.

Pediatric Advisory Board Members

We can’t do this without you! We are asking you to connect us to your patients and refer them to us so we can be there for them. We would also like to include you in the forum we are developing that will need your attention to incoming questions and requests that will be screened and coordinated through us.

Voices / Ambassadors

VABC is currently seeking and recruiting families with children who battle brain cancer, won the fight against it, or have lost loved ones to the disease. Through your stories of heroism we can inspire the masses and raise awareness. We ask for stories, pictures, videos and/or art created or generated by you or your children.