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Voices Against Brain Cancer’s (VABC) mission is to find a cure for brain cancer and brain tumors by advancing scientific research, increasing awareness, creating a brain cancer and tumor community, and supporting patients, their families and caregivers afflicted with this devastating disease.Voices Against Brain Cancer is the personal brainchild of a family, and a father who lost their son to brain cancer.

We Feel It. We Know It. We Live It. We Get It.

 VABC was founded in loving memory of Gary Lichtenstein who at 24 years old lost his battle with brain cancer on October 1, 2003. Gary was living in Chicago and working as an options trader at Wolverine Trading when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor on March 4, 2003. After three months Gary slipped into a coma from which he did not recover. Soon after his passing, Gary’s family started Voices Against Brain Cancer to raise money and awareness for the fight against this devastating disease.

 “I couldn’t save the life of my son, but perhaps I can save the life of others.”
-Mario Lichtenstein, Founder Of VABC

VABC has a wide variety of initiatives in motion for brain cancer research, awareness and support:

Join The Voices!

Voices In Motion Run/Walks holding events across the country in locations such as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas, Las Vegas, Long Island-New York, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New Orleans, New York City, New York City Half Marathon, New York City Marathon, North Carolina, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Virginia and Washington, DC. Voices Against Brain Cancer is the personal brainchild of a family who lost their son to brain cancer.

Voices Against Brain Cancer Family Initiative Program.

This resource is a unique support system for patients, caregivers and families afflicted by brain cancer and brain tumors. The program includes: Survivor Reboot group supporting Brain Cancer survivors; the Caregiver Meet Up, which brings together caregivers via online and in-person forums; After The Storm group, which is for those who have lost a loved one; C3 (Connect, Create, Collaborate) which includes art, music and yoga workshops allowing people to collaborate with others going through similar situations; Brain Cancer 101, an educational program with facts; and Brainstorm Educational Series of videos.


Research grants

Funding cutting-edge programs that will have a monumental impact on the diagnosis and treatment of brain cancer and brain tumors. Currently, these grants are being funded at numerous esteemed institutions including: Baylor University, Boston Children’s Hospital / Harvard, Brain Tumor Biotech Center / Feinstein Institute / North Shore LIJ Health System, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Central Brain Tumor Registry Of The United States, Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia / University Of Pennsylvania, Cleveland Clinic / Case Western Reserve University, Columbia, Cornell, Dana Farber / Harvard, Duke, The Feinstein Institute / North Shore LIJ Health System, Harvard, Hofstra / North Shore LIJ School Of Medicine, Johns Hopkins, Lenox Hill Hospital / North Shore LIJ Health System, Long Island Brain Tumor Center, NY, Lurie Children’s Hospital / Northwestern, Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard, MD Anderson, Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York University, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital / Miami Children’s Health System, Northwestern University, Ohio State University, Rush University, Stony Brook University, University Of California Davis, University Of California Irvine, University Of California Los Angeles, University Of California San Diego, University Of California San Francisco, University Of Chicago, University Of Miami, University Of Michigan, University Of Pittsburgh, University Of Texas San Antonio, University Of Virginia, Vanderbilt University, Wake Forest, Washington University, Yale and more.

International reach

VABC extends throughout the international community and funds research in countries such as Australia, Canada, Israel, Spain and more.

Advocacy & Public Policy

With VABC’s “No stone left unturned” policy and the Foundation’s commitment to the search for a cure, VABC supports Cannabis Research and the exploration of the potential risks associated with Mobile Phone Radiation. As part of the organization’s’ Advocacy effort, VABC brings Educational Programs to schools so the cause, affect and potential prevention of brain cancer can be adopted in school systems early on, in addition to offering Nutrition Programs for schools to educate about cancer prevention and eating right for a healthy body, as well as Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM ) Programs to help fight and prevent brain cancer.

“We’ve Lost Great Minds To Brain Cancer. Use Yours To Help Us Find The Cure Today.”

-Mario Lichtenstein, Founder Of VABC

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VABC is recognized by Charity Navigator and has a Five Star rating by GuideStar.